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Here is my second poetry book; it is brand new (November 2022)
Listen to Rarely Heard Voices 
The publisher writes that "[Peter's] oneness and joy of nature is constantly apparent." That's my reason for writing poetry: Nature as we see it "outside," in our lives, and in the troubles that can surround us in a complex word.

An earlier book is a coming of-age-story. It is about me arriving as a teen from Germany and advancing from elevator operator to university professor.

An Immigrant in the 1960s.
Finding Hope and Success in New York City
My first poetry book ranges from the pristine to the historical, the soft blossoms of spring to the aggression and oppression of autocrats.
Hopes and Fears:
Past and Present

The novel is about an aspiring female artist in Weimar, one of the most exciting cities of 18th-century Germany. 
A Perfect Portrait:
A Historical Novel

The complex lives of my four "mothers"are the topic of this book. it deals with two farm women of the Italian Dolomites, my birth mother, and my step-mother. 
In the Face of Evil

My struggle to understand my father in reflected in this attempt to understand the man and his time. Out of print
Der Vater und die SS

This is the only in depth study of German women's education from Martin Luther to the end of the 18th century. 
The Eduction of Women in Eigheenth-Century Germany

This is an early attempt to understand an increasingly problematic situation across our world; a study about how we use and abuse our space/s. 
Human Space

An attempt at a history of the village in the mountains of Italy. I grew up in this village and we still mostly speak a middle-high German dialect there. Out of Print.
Afers. Gedanken zur Geschichte


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